Wecome to the class website for Winter 2024 Prompt Surfing Directed Research Group (DRG)!

Instructors: Adam Hyland, Ruoxi (Anna) Shang, Dr. Brock Craft

Meeting Time: 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Mondays, Winter Quarter, Sieg 429

Credits: 2

This DRG focuses on generative AI for text and image creation, covering key topics such as prompt engineering, synthetic images, and text generation. The discussions extend beyond ChatGPT to explore other large language models and various systems for image generation, even exploring the possibility of running generative AI on an mobile phone. The seminar also addresses interpretability methods and includes hands-on activities with fine-tuned models. Attendees will explore how these AI systems integrate into other frameworks, such as feeding generated text into systems like Whisper or DALL-E. Additionally, the seminar investigates the intriguing concept of an LLM introspecting its own output and the impact of chain-of-thought prompting. Throughout, the focus is on understanding how these models shape the ensemble of possibilities available to us in the realm of generative AI. &This description was generated by ChatGPT. *

Instructors’ note: The goal of the DRG is not to be “dazzled” by these technologies but rather to problematise them, to understand how these platforms work, how they can be influenced. The only way to do so is to engage with them actively and discuss them critically from a human-centered perspective, which is what we will be doing.

Student Requirements:

  • Strong interest in creative uses of generative AI
  • Strong interest in researching how to manipulate LLMs
  • Self directed and curious. (We will not hold your hand in this DRG.)
  • Programming skills in Python a huge plus, but not a requirement